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Nadine Cheney

Nadine Cheney

The Ottawa Art Association

Ottawa's oldest art group, established in 1918. It welcomes artists from most categories in the Visual Arts: * Watercolour * Acrylic * Oil * Pastel * Mixed Media * Hhandprints * Graphite * Ink * Charcoal * Wall Sculptures * Painting on Silk * Prints made by hand

Become a member of this vibrant group of artists, both established and new, to build a single strong voice and home for us all, whatever our media preferences.

To become a member, please download the Membership Application Form found on the Forms page, print it and mail it with your cheque to the address listed on the form.

The membership year starts on September 1 of each year. The membership renewal date is August 31, please ensure that your membership is renewed by the deadline or it will expire. The membership fee is $30 CDN per year or $50 for a two year period.

Mail your application form to:
OAA Membership coordinator,
c/o Natalie Seymand
17 - 2336 Orient Park
Ottawa, Ontario
K1B 4N5

Basic Member Benefits

  • Nine one-month exhibitions of members' work at the Nectar Gallery,
  • Ten newsletters per year filled with OAA and member news, tips and events,
  • A dynamic website with members-only features,
  • Your personalized gallery page within the OAA website, to help you showcase and promote your art
  • Members' Fall Awards Show,
  • Juried Spring Awards Show,
  • Social and Networking opportunities to meet other area artists,
  • Scheduled presentations & demonstrations (except in summer),
  • 10% Discount at DeSerres for art Supplies
  • 25% Discount at Art World One for framing
  • 15% Discount at Arovita Paints and Pastels
  • Free advertising in our newsletter for your own events, shows or exibitions

Members with coupons (Volunteer Program)

Members who volunteer and earn coupons will receive premium benefits over and above the Basic Member Benefits listed above. Here are some examples of premium benefits.

  • Members with coupons can reduce the commission charged when the OAA sells their work at the Nectar Gallery.
  • Coupons may be remitted to reduce the membership fees for future years.
  • Advertised OAA Public Exibitions open to coupon holders only.
  • Web site advertising of your own events, shows or Exibitions.
  • Other premium services will be added in the near future.

If you you require further information on OAA Membership, please contact the OAA Membership Coordinator by e-mail

To download the Membership Application Form, please visit the Forms page to downloaded from there.


Many hands make light work!

We are proud to introduce a Volunteer Incentive and Rewards Program. ( VIRP ) Any OAA member who volunteers for sanctioned activity, event, position or responsibility will be rewarded by receiving one or more coupon(s) for their service. These coupons are exchangeable for benefits and participation in OAA premium events and activities. The premium benefits and events, along with the number of coupons required to participate, will be published on the web site under the "Events" web page.

VIRP Opportunities (receive coupons for services)

Opportunies to earn (GET) coupons are listed here. For opportunities to use (GIVE) coupons see the Events page.

You can earn VIRP coupons when you perform some of the tasks listed below. Generally you earn 1 coupon for every 3 hours of work, unless otherwise stated. You can also earn coupons by volunteering to assist any coordinator or OAA Executive member at any time. Just make contact!

The OAA would like your help ... E-mail the President

We know your time is precious! We promise to provide guidance, direction and reward for your efforts.

  • Cube Gallery Exhibition August 31 & September 1, 2019. Members get coupons if they volunteer to help with the exibition. Contact coordinator Nadine Cheney for your assignments.
  • Gallery Host(s) A number of members to open the Nectar Gallery and complete sales to the general public (hosting responsibilities). Expectation:Each gallery shift is 3 hours.
  • Advertising Coordinator A member to lead and coordinate the advertising efforts of the OAA. Expectation: 3 hours per week
  • Graphic Designer A member to lead our branding efforts and provide support to the Advertising Coordinator Expectation: 3 hours per week
  • Fall Awards Show Coordinator A member to lead the preparation efforts for the Fall Awards Show.Expectation: 6 hours per month, for 4 months
  • Spring Awards Show Coordinator A member to lead the preparation efforts for the Fall Awards Show.Expectation: 6 hours per month, for 4 months
  • Awards Show Volunteers A number of members to help the day of the awards show by doing work as directed by the coordinator Expectation: 3 hours on event day
  • Jury Selection Coordinator A member to solicit the participation of accredited Art experts as jury members for our shows. Expectation: 15 hours per year.
  • Events Coordinator A member to maintain a common calendar of events and notify Coordinators by email.Expectation:1.5 hours per week
  • Gallery Volunteers A number of members to work on transition days at the two OAA galleries as directed by the coordinator. Expectation: 3 hours on event day
  • Fund Raising Coordinator A member to lead fundraising events and activities, by formulating a plan and overseeing it's implementation.Expectation:3 hours per week
  • Trophy Coordinator A member to collect, engrave and distribute trophies when they are awarded. Expectation: average - 12 hours per year