Ottawa Gaming Art Association

The Ottawa Gaming Art Association is a non-profit organization for those interested in gambling as some kind of art or sport. It was founded in 2009 to help understand what the gambling industry is and become a professional.


Gambling is an industry that every Canadian can participate in and become a professional in. Whether you gamble or not, this industry is a growing market that everyone knows about or uses. However, when it comes to learning how to play or where to go to learn it, things get even more confusing for new players.

What We Do

Our association educates people about everything to do with gambling, from a casino and online casino games such as blackjack and poker to sports betting. With all that said, you will become a professional and be able to play at various online casinos and some of the sites that you will find on the crash gambling page. By the way, crash gambling is one of the most popular types of games today.

For us, gambling is, in a sense, an art. That’s why we tell you about the background of each game, the rules and peculiarities. We help to understand, from a psychological point of view, which game is the best one for every beginner to succeed. We teach beginners how to play gambling and explain the principles behind it.

Our mentors help others become professional gamblers or at least understand the basic rules so they can participate in gambling on their own time. We also invite international gambling professionals as teachers and experts so that we can learn directly from some of the pioneers.

Our Experts

Our leading experts will introduce you to the art of gambling:

  • Brendon Hintz
  • Jasen Ryan
  • Ned Olson
  • Preston Lang
  • Zack Hahn


The main office of the Ottawa Gaming Art Association is located in Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3, CAN. We also have one office in Vancouver, British Columbia. To contact us, you can email us at [email protected] or call the main office at 613-237-9561.

What is a Free Casino Games in Ottawa?

Free casino games are games that are only available at online casinos. This category of games targets two types of players, in particular, namely the amateur and the more experienced online casino players. Both of them find advantages in playing a free casino game.

free casino games

First of all, a free casino game does not offer any real money winnings since the money wagered is fake. The players from Ottawa choose this option to have fun or to improve their skills. The possible winnings at the end of the game will only be indicative. In practice, these games are known as “free mode” or “fun mode.”

The fun mode or demo version is a free casino game with no registration or download. In other words, this game does not involve any offline applications. It is accessible only through a browser, whether it is on a computer, tablet or phone.

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