Mistakes not to make during a game

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Blackjack is one of the most famous and well-known table games ever. With its games, some of which have gone down in history, it manages to involve everyone, especially if the stakes are high. But to play it is always good to apply a focused and decisive strategy, stay focused and attentive.

Here, then, the most common mistakes to avoid if you want to increase the chances of winning:

Do not call a card with 12 if the dealer has a 2 or a 3: it is statistically more correct to do so with a 12 in hand rather than with scores from 13 upwards, with which you are more likely to bust;

Split 10s: keep in mind that you are more likely to win with a 20 in your hand than with two 10s to start with;

Stay with 16 if the dealer shows an ace: although it is easy to bust, in such circumstances, it is always better to risk;

Don’t split the pair of 4’s: if the dealer shows a 5 or a 6, you should choose to ‘split’. In this case, you can double your bet while the dealer has more chances to bust;

Doubling with 11: when the dealer shows an ace, it is better to avoid. Rather, it is better to wait and hope that the next card is a 10;

Stay with a soft 18 if the dealer shows a card from 3 to 6: if the ace in your hand can be worth 1 or 11 it is always better to double down because the dealer is more likely to bust;

Stay with a soft 18 when the dealer shows a 9: it is very likely that the dealer will close with a 19, so it is still worth calling a card.

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By following these 7 simple rules, you can avoid falling into trivial mistakes and losing your game. For the most passionate players and the less experienced ones, testing one’s skills is fundamental in dynamic games such as Blackjack: strategy and technique have always been the basis of a winning game.