Etiquette and Casino: here are the rules of good manners

When you enter a casino, at any latitude it is located, there are rules to be respected: we are not talking in this case of the rules of the various games, but the behaviour to be kept. In the etiquette of the casino some rules are written in black and white, while others are not explicitly stated but are to be known to move with ease and safety.

Here are the main rules of good manners in a casino:

Dress code

The casino has its own dress code in which style and elegance are the masters. The most luxurious gaming rooms have strict rules, while the others have rules to be respected softer. But in general, without necessarily resorting to the James Bond tuxedo, you can not go wrong if you opt for a semi-formal dress code, with a jacket and tie for men, possibly avoiding bright colours and an elegant dress (not necessarily long) for women.

Get information

Speaking of dress code, it is advisable, before going to the casino, to check the site of the gaming room to see if there are any special instructions: the Casino of San Remo specifies, for example, that the slot machine area allowed to dress informally, while in the traditional rooms are banned shorts, tank tops, sandals, flip flops and tracksuits. Seriousness

Education and common sense are, as in every field, the main coordinates to avoid bad figures: it must, first, keep in mind that a casino, although it is a place of entertainment, is still a structure where a considerable flow of money and this requires seriousness on the part of all, visitors in the first place.


Disturbers and players who do not know the game rules are not seen positively: before sitting down at the table is, therefore, appropriate to prepare properly. For example, it is a good idea to wait a while before playing, observing a couple of hands to know the minimum and maximum bet of the table, also developing a possible strategy to be used then once seated.

Grace and decorum

In any situation you are in, whether you win or lose, it is forbidden to get carried away by the emotions: banned screaming, gestures and bad language. In a casino, you must always remain calm and respect other players: courtesy and decorum, even before a good hand, will make you a winner. In addition, technology should be kept under control: the smartphone, if not expressly prohibited, should be turned off or made silent when you are sitting at the gaming table. In case of important phone calls, you should temporarily step away.

At the table

You sit down and greet the other players at the table and ask permission to join the group if other people have already sat down. If you do not intend to play but just want to observe the dynamics of the game, do not sit at the table but stand behind it. Silence is a must when opponents plan their move: no improper interruptions. Any clarifications and observations should be placed between hands.


Online casinos also have their own etiquette. After having made the necessary proportions and adapted everything to the context, the good rules of conduct also apply in the virtual world: education and fair play towards other players, respect for dealers’ work. To ban vulgarity, harassing behaviour and the use of chat in an improper manner.

These are some of the main rules of bon ton to be observed when entering a casino, physical and online.